Thanks to our multiyear commitment to the major leasing companies, our staff has reached a considerable experience in the operations connected to the aircraft returning (whether contractually, consensually or extra-judicially) in Italy or abroad.
Our staff provides a global customer support all over the World through all the re-delivery or repossession process.
Our services include:

  • Evaluating the condition of the returning aircraft – lease agreement adherence, Phase Out inspection, Record review of records and historical documents, inventory of spare parts.
  • Convenience for the Owner: budgetary planning; MRO selection and management of MRO during the aircraft re-delivery or repossession for the aircraft maintenance or storage.
  • CAMO and aircraft management during and after the completion of aircraft re-delivery or repossession process.
  • Aircraft transportation (in flight or on road).
  • Storage of records.
  • Aircraft re-marketing.
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