The aircraft is one of main guarantees of a leasing contract. Proper maintenance and monitoring management allow to protect its value over time, thus reducing the owner’s risks.
In order to avoid loss of asset value due to improper use and maintenance, parts or engines removal without authorization, refusal to redelivery the asset, illegal activities, Lien on the asset proposed by maintenance company or airports, debts, loss of aircraft technical documentation, the aircraft has to be monitored during entire the duration of the leasing agreement.

GLOBAL ASSET CONTROL is a specific service created for Italian and foreign Leasing companies, to prevent, control and reduce the risks connected to the Aircraft Leasing Agreement.
Global Asset Control allows Leasing companies to control the aircraft management by the Operator and Lessee for the duration of the lease.
Our attorney, aviation engineers and experts provide the following services for each phase of the leasing agreement - from the acquisition to the end of the contract.

Acquisition / purchase of the aircraft

  • Legal assistance and contractual discussions during the purchase, contract revision.
  • Technical assistance during the pre-buy inspection and maintenance, requirements for aircraft registration in the future Aviation Register.
  • Verification of any outstanding payments regarding used Aircraft, third-party right registered in the Aviation Register’s database.
  • Aviation Authority Non Registration Statement if the deregistration procedure can be performed by the Operator without Owner’s approval.
  • Import, custom clearance.
  • Aircraft Registration.

Monitoring during leasing contract and periodic report to the Owner

  • Continuous monitoring of the Operator aircraft use in accordance with Aviation Authority Regulations and Manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Periodic technical inspections of the aircraft.
  • Control of the maintenance carried out on the aircraft.
  • Dedicated access to maintenance monitoring program.
  • Copy of the aircraft’s mandatory technical documentation, and continual updating of flight and maintenance aircraft activity.

Aircraft redelivery at the end of leasing agreement and remarketing

  • Phase out and records collection.
  • Aircraft repositioning and storage.
  • CAMO and technical management.
  • Aircraft re-marketing and sale.
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