Rotor Jet Group

Rotor Jet Group was founded in 1989. At present the Group is formed by different legal entities which operate in the International Civil Aviation, each one with different but complementary goals oriented towards to satisfy the needs of customers who seek for a complete “Global Aviation Service”.
Our experience derives from a long lasting devotion and commitment to our job in this field where safety, efficiency and reliability play a decisive role and must be competently and seriously dealt with.
Each day specialized and selected professionals devote themselves to assuring and maintaining high quality services.

The companies



Company main activities: technical experts’ evaluations all over the World; sale and purchase of aircraft; legal  and administrative counseling in the aviation field.


Company main activities: optimization of the technical and administrative fleet management; aircraft delivery & re delivery services; storage, parking and hangar services for aircraft.


Company main activities: internal and external aircraft reconditioning; engineering activities based on the customer’s needs (study and design), art & design.



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