Agusta A 109S Grand


Manifacturer: Agusta
Registration: I-JJOO
SerialNumber: 22014
Year of manufacture: 2006
References: RJ220142014
Total hours: 532.42
Landings: 1084

Engine #1: Pratt & Whitney PW207C s/n PCE-BH0037
Total time: 532.42

Engine #2: Pratt & Whitney PW207C s/n PCE-BH0034
Total time: 532.42


Grey with white and gold stripes


VIP Interior including: Palustra soundproofing, 3-seat aft facing central bench with see-through foldable armrest, 3-seat fwd facing aft bench with foldable armrest, all seats crash-resistant, cabin double glass window, passive vibration absorber, 6 active noise reduction, frigo bar

Moving Map Sky Force MKII, TAS 497 indicated on GNS 530, Dual Control and Rotor Brake, Emergency Float System, Pulsed Chip Detector, Stobe Lights, Searchlight, Hourmeter, Windshield Wipers Pilot & Copilot and Reinforced Windshield, Pilots Door Open Actuators, Passengers Doors Open Block, Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers, Pilot Cabin Fire Extinguisher, Enlarged Baggage Compartment, Supplementary Fuel Tanks, Fuel Drain Valve, Environmental Control System, Ripple Damper Hydraulic System, ELT

ARC renewed on July 10th, 2014

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