Falcon 2000EX EASy


Manifacturer: Dassault
Registration: I-JAMJ
SerialNumber: 108
Year of manufacture: 2007
References: RJ2015108
Total hours: 2996
Landings: 2298

Engine #1: Pratt & Whitney PW308C s/n PCE-CF0240
Total time: 2996
Total cycles: 2298
Engine #2: Pratt & Whitney PW308C s/n PCE-CF0244
Total time: 2996
Total cycles: 2298


July 2012 fresh re-painting: overall good.
Aircraft has always been hangared.
Upper fuselage dark grey, wings and lower fuselage pearl grey.


Ten passenger interior configuration and one jump seat comprising of a double club four executive arrangement with two fold-out executive tables and one conference table. All chairs been upholstered in leather. Forward right side galley with high temp oven, microwave oven and hot / cold water supply, Espresso coffee and trash container. Aft lavatory (external service) and in-flight accessible baggage area. Forward bulkhead between vestibule and main cabin for additional privacy. Fully berthable seats that recline flat to create beds.

Galley: Fan Forced Oven (factory fit) Hot water urn / Cold water supply.
Cabin: Audio Int PA/CHIME and Enternainment & Cabin Systems Management AV-9603, electroluminescent controls - 1ea LCD Monitor 15" - 1ea LCD Monitor 20" - 4ea Plug-In Rosen LCD receptacles w/2ea display - Video dual DVD Player Audio Intl - Airshow 410 - 7ea 115 VAC 60 HZ power outlet.
Other: 2ea DME rechargeable flashlight - Life Vests for Crew and 10 Passengers - Life rafts (2) with inner portable ELT.

Honeywell Enhanced Avionic Systems EASy II upgraded
ADS-B capability
Enhanced NAV with WAAS-LPV capability
COMS (VHF): Double Honeywell TR-866B (MRC EPIC module)
COM (VHF): Single TR-866B VDR 3 module
COM: Deck Third Panel AV-900
COMS (HF): Dual Collins HF-9000
Printer: Miltope TP-4840
SELCAL: Coltech Selcal CSD-714
VOR/ILS/MKR: Dual Honeywell NV-875A (MRC EPIC module)
DME: Dual Honeywell DM-855 (MRC EPIC module)
ADF: Dual Honeywell DF-855 (MRC EPIC module)
L.R. NAV (IRS): Triple Honeywell Laseref V
EFIS: Honeywell 4 DU-1310 Flat Panel Display Units
AIR DAT MODULE: Dual Honeywell AZ-200
RADIO ALT: Dual Honeywell RT-300
RADAR: Honeywell WU-880
FMS: Triple Honeywell System mod
XPNDR: Dual Honeywell XS-857 (MRC EPIC module)
ELT: ELTA 406 w/Nav interface
TCAS: Honeywell TCAS 2000
EGPWS: Honeywell EGPWM-100 (EPIC module)
SS-CVR: Honeywell 120 min
SS-FDR: Honeywell 25 Hrs
QAR: CTS Quick Access Recorder

EASA EU OPS 1 compliant - RVSM capable - CAT II capable - NAT-MNPS capable - COMs and RTU FM immunity

Airframe on Falcon Care. Engines on Pratt&Whitney ESP Gold. APU on Honeywell MSP.

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