PC-12 NG


Manifacturer: Pilatus
Registration: HB-FXO
SerialNumber: 1778
Year of manufacture: 2018
References: RJ201903
Total hours: 277
Landings: 315

Engine #1: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67P - S/N PCE-RY0847
Total time: 277
Total cycles: 315

Propeller #1: Hartzell HC-E5A-3A - S/N SA284
Total time: 277
Propeller #2:


Akzo Nobel Almigrip & snow white


2 crew seats 6 executive pax + 1 additional seat EMTEQ In-Flight Wireless Entertainment System Air Conditioning Seating: Flash fabric seating 1 forward position private flushing toiletBAGGAGE 1 aft storage compartment

Aircraft compliant with current avionics requirements, including requirements due in January 2020.
ADF: Honeywell - Autopilot: Honeywell 3-axis
Avionics Package: Honeywell Primus Apex - Communication Radios: Dual Honeywell w/8.33 kHz spacing
DME: Honeywell - EFIS: 10.4-inch
FMS: Honeywell - GPS: Dual Honeywell KGS-200
Navigation Radios: Dual Honeywell - Radar Altimeter: Honeywell
Stormscope: L3 WX-500 - TAWS: Class B
TCAS: TCAS-I - Transponder: Dual Honeywell Mode S w/diversity
Weather Radar: Honeywell RDR-2060COCKPIT ADS-B Out, copilot primary flight display & audio/marker panel, Smart View Synthetic vision system, wireless connected flight deck, WAAS/LPV, coupled VNAV, electronic checklist, dual Honeywell Chartlink, steep approach, dual primary flight display controllers, Iridium antenna only, elapsed timer, dual Honeywell 10.4-inch multi-function displays, moving map w/overlays, multi-function display controller w/keyboard, cursor control device, central maintenance system, dual pitot static system, ESIS, 406MHz ELT w/remote switch & nav interface, hobbs meter, lightweight data recorder.

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